On the hard preparing for winter work.

The Season That Never Was

Our Nonexistant Season

First let us start with a sincere apology to all of our loyal customers, proponents, friends & those folks who were just looking to have a wonderful afternoon on the water only to find that we weren't cruising. 

When the season started we knew we had an enormous task with the amount of work that needed to get done on the Wenonah.  Built in 1960 she's a vessel with amazing construction and seaworthiness but in need of updates and routine maintenance.   We had welding, electrical, mechanical and painting that all needed to be done but we were confident that it could be done and we could get the boat in the water.  

Things went well early on but came to a sudden stop in the middle of May when the boat was broken into.  Over night our progress came to a screeching halt.  We lost welding supplies, tools, torches, radios, electronics and many other items.  Most of the stolen items were items that were essential for the work being completed.  By this time we knew we wouldn't be in by June 1st which was our original goal to start cruising.

Later that same week we were notified that the crane needed to put us back in  wasn't going to be available until late June or the first part of July.  In the mean time we became aware of additional work that should be done while we had access to the boat in dry-dock.  This added additional time to our rehabilitation schedule.  Our new hope was to be in by late July or early August.    

As we continued our work with hopes of squeezing out some semblance of a cruising season, we continued to experience nearly all of Murphy's laws.  Between family issues, work issues and just day to day delays. When early August came and went and there was still a sizable amount of work to be done it was more than apparent that we weren't going to get things done in time to have enough season to make a go for the year.  

For 2019 we're looking at an uphill climb but are confident that we'll be back to serve you.  There were and are several hurtles between now and the start of next season but we hope you'll be checking back to track our progress.

To those of you who have cruised with us in the past, we thank you for your patronage and continued support.  For those of you who missed us this past season, we apologize for any inconvenience and are looking forward to seeing you on board next summer!